Senco Clipped Head Strip Nails

Full Strip and Handy Strip

Senco cliped head nails fit Senco SFN2-C, SN2, SN2+, SN3, SN325, SN4, SN70 and FramePro

Refer to tool operating instructions for acceptable fastener sizes.

FramePro 651 FramePro 600 FramePro 701XP
Senco Clipped Head Strip Nails we stock
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Description Count Price
EC20ABBYes Clip Head Nail, Smth .092, 1-7/8" Olive Drab, Sencote7000141.86
EC24ABBNYes Clip Head Nail, Smth .092, 2-3/8" Olive Drab, Sencote6900160.97
GC21APBNYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .113, 2" Bright Basic, Sencote670056.17
GC23APBNYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .113, 2-1/4" Bright Basic, Sencote500079.83
GC25AABNYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .113, 2-1/2" Galv., Sencote500061.19
GC25APBKYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .113, 2-1/2" Bright Basic, Sencote, Handy Stp500052.64
GC25APBNYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .113, 2-1/2" Bright Basic, Sencote SEE M002084500052.64
M002085Yes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .113, 2-1/2" Galv., D-head, 34 degree200035.00
HC27AABYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .120, 3" Galv., Sencote300070.83
KC27ASBKYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .131, 3" , Hot Dipped, Handy Strip200053.14
KC29APBNYes Clip Head Nail, Smth, .131, 3-1/2" Bright Basic, Sencote300045.93
GE21AAANYes Clip Head Nail, Ring, .113, 2" Galv., Plain6700138.26
GE24AAAYes Clip Head Nail, Ring, .113, 2-3/8" Galv., Plain100016.83
HE27AGBKYes Clip Head Nail, Ring, .120, 3" Stainless100074.55
HF27AGBKYes Clip Head Nail, Screw, .120, 3" Stainless100066.09