Senco C Wire Staples

Crown 3/8" - Gauge 22 - Width .030 - Thickness .0215

Senco C wire staples typically fit J, SFT10, SJS, SJ10, SFT10, SFW08, SFW10XP and A063CS staplers.

Refer to tool operating instructions for acceptable fastener sizes.

SFT10XP-C SFW08 Fine Wire Staplers
Senco C Wire Staples we stock
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Description Count Price
C03BAAPNYes C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 3/16" Leg, Galv., Plain5500035.27
C04BAAPYes C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 1/4" Leg, Galv., Plain3500018.95
C05BAAPNYes C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 5/16" Leg, Galv., Plain2800021.64
C06BAAPYes C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 3/8" Leg, Galv., Plain5000031.35
C06BGAPYes C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 3/8" Leg, Stainless, Plain2500074.95
C07BAAPNYes C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 7/16" Leg, Galv., Plain4000025.75
C08BAAPYes C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 1/2" Leg, Galv., Plain3500023.93
C10BAAP C-Wire Staples, 3/8" Crn, 5/8" Leg, Galv., Plain2700025.10