Senco 16 Gauge Finish Nails


Senco 16 gauge straight t-head finish nails fit Senco CF32, FinishPro 32, AirFree 32, AccuSet A250SM, Craftsman 18431 DuoFast LFN764 Hitachi NT65A Paslode IM250F Porter Cable FN250A.

Refer to tool operating instructions for acceptable fastener sizes.

FinishPro 32 Compressor Kit FinishPro 32 Cordless CF32
Senco 16 Gauge Finish Nails we stock
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Description Count Price
A401009Yes Finish Nail, 16Ga., 1", T-head, Galv, Straight12007.95
A401259Yes Finish Nail, 16Ga., 1-1/4", T-head, Galv, Straight12007.95
A401509Yes Finish Nail, 16Ga., 1-1/2", T-head, Galv, Straight7007.95
A401759Yes Finish Nail, 16Ga., 1-3/4", T-head, Galv, Straight7007.95
A402509Yes Finish Nail, 16Ga., 2-1/2, T-head, Galv, Straight7007.95
A409809Yes Finish Nail, 16Ga., Variety Pack, T-head, Galv, Straight, 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2"8007.95
M001001Yes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 1", Straight, T-head, Galv.20008.95
M001002Yes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 1-1/4", Straight, T-head, Galv.20008.95
M001003Yes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 1-1/2", Straight, T-head, Galv.20008.95
M001003GRYes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 1-1/2", Smooth, T-head, Stainless Steel7008.95
M001004Yes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 1-3/4", Straight, T-head, Galv.20008.95
M001005Yes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 2", Straight, T-head, Galv.20008.95
M001005GRYes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 2", Smooth, T-head, Stainless Steel7008.95
M001007Yes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 2-1/2", Straight, T-head, Galv.20008.95
M001007GRYes Finish Nail, 16 ga., 2-1/2", Smooth, T-head, Stainless Steel7008.95