Senco PowerPlus 6n1
Rechargeable Jump Start System

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PC0981 PowerPlus 6n1 Rechargeable Jump Start System by Senco 
    Inflate a flat tire.
Jump start a car.
A must for roadside emergencies.

No longer available

There are ordinary jump starters and then there is the PowerPlus ™. Nothing compares to the multifunction features of the rechargeable PowerPlus 6-in-1 Jump Start System. Included are a jump starter, air compressor, power inverter, powerful spotlight, fluorescent work light and a warning blinker light. Ideal for emergencies, outdoor activities, and it provides power for a variety of electrical equipment.

Jump Starter
• 12 Volts,,17 amp-hour,lead-acid battery
• Maximum 400A cranking current
• Extra long 36 ” cords store in front of unit behind cover
• Reverse polarity and short circuit protection..If clamps
are connected to the wrong battery post,damaging currents are prevented,buzzer will sound and indicator light will flash

Jump starting a car

Air Compressor
• 260 psi maximum pressure
• 28 ” hose stored in side compartment
• Built--in pressure gauge
• Ideal for inflating tires and sport equipment

Filling a tire

Power Inverter
• 300W peak output ((150W of continuous output)
• Low voltage alarm::when battery voltage drops to 10.6V, buzzer will sound
• Automatically shuts down when overloaded or if overheated.An audible alarm will sound when temperature exceeds 149 ˚F (65 ˚C)

Powering a PC

• One million candlepower beam
•12+hours of continuous operation

Fluorescent Work Light
• Two 6W fluorescent tubes ((equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb)
•Two position switch:down to light one tube, up to light both.

Warning Blinker Light
• Amber color
• Flashing interval of 1 second

Safety blinker

Item Code: PC0981
Battery Voltage: 12 volts, 17 AH Lead-acid
Battery amp: peak 900 amp (150W continuous output)
Jump-Start Current: 400A (starts 6 liter auto engine)
Charging Input: 120VAC/220-240VAC
Compressor Max Pressure: 260 psi
Spotlight Continuous Working Time: 12 hours
Fluorescent Continuous Working Time: 25 hours
Weight: 20.5 lbs.
Height: 15"
Length: 14-1/2"
Width: 6-1/2"
90-Day Warranty


• AC charging adapter
• DC charging adapter
• Instruction manual
• Inflating kit (three different needles)
• Extra 30 amp fuse
• Extra spotlight replacement bulb

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